Single-ply Membranes

For flat roofing projects, we use the latest high-performance membrane technologies, installed using a cold-applied roofing system. These membranes have a very high tensile strength, allowing for structural and thermal movement of the roof. Our application process is safe and suitable for most surfaces including timber, felt, metal and asphalt. Single-ply membranes offer an exceedingly flexible roofing solution. Paired with insulation, they can dramatically upgrade the thermal performance of an existing roof.

Liquid Roofing

The technology behind liquid roofing has seen significant improvements in recent years. This is a highly versatile roofing solution, making it perfect for covering complex design features. Liquid roofing can sometimes be applied on top of existing surfaces (such as asphalt, felt, metal and single-ply membranes), allowing you to save on the cost of removing an existing roof. Paired with insulation, liquid roofing can dramatically upgrade an installation’s thermal performance. We favour the use of a cold liquid application, to minimise safety risks.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing systems are the preferred solution for the majority of pitched roofing projects. Thanks to progress in material technology, today’s metal roofing offers very high tensile strength, allowing for structural and thermal movement across large areas. We use well-established installation methods that don’t require the use of hot applications. Metal roofing is suitable both for new builds and as part of a building refurbishment. Insulation can be incorporated, typically at the design stage, to improve the building’s thermal performance.


Flood your workspace with daylight by adding stylish, high-efficiency rooflights to your commercial building. Whether you’re planning a new build or a refurbishment, the design possibilities for your new rooflights are almost limitless. Moreover, the boost in light will have a huge impact on your employees’ working conditions. As a bonus, new rooflights will result in a significant reduction to your heating bills. We offer rooflights in a range of materials, from Perspex to fireproof safety glass.


When you’re working at heights, you rely on top-quality safety systems to prevent accidental falls. We offer a range of standout roof-anchoring systems and safety access equipment, including safety harness systems, walkways and guard rails. We can also provide safety audits and support with compliance.

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